Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer begins...

but not with a bang...well not really.  The start of summer was like trying to get off of a moving train without hurting yourself! Its been a very eventful couple of months here.  I know have 2 high schoolers, 1 middle schooler and 1 elementary school kid and this will be her last year.   My second daughter didnt make the HS cheer team and it was bitter sweet because my oldest made it for her 3rd year of cheering for the HS.   Everything that we had planned, all the great sisters cheering together kind of just fizzled away for this year...made me really sad. 

That being said..the first day of summer was actually not so much.  Bekah had her cheer kiddie camp and it was also the first time my other girls didn't want to attend. I wasnt there either like the past 2 years...because well...I have a job now!  BA DUM TSS! Yes...I do.  I know work for my hubby and FIL .  Lots of work so its all good.  I still have my own little shop open but trying to get things done after work is a daunting task.  My new job is very mentally draining.  It sucks the creative want out of me :o/ .  But I actually think its more of actually getting used to working again and trying to run my little shop at the same time.   I hadn't really worked since I had Bekah and that was almost 16 years ago. The money is good, we have extra now and we dont have to be SOOOO TIGHT.

I have been working on some new stuff for my shop.  Im learning how to work with resin, I've made a couple of little things, but I still need to some more practice, jot down ideas and things. I have some stuff I tried last night but that's another post on its own.

Hope y'all have been great...I know its been a while since I've written.  Sometimes life really gets me busy!  Well, have a great weekend...and a wonderful summer!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

flu...hard hitting

Since November...we have been suffering with a strain or another...its been the flu!  No matter what I do, I wipe down everything using clorox wipes...or lysol all over the seems to just have taken residence in our home.  It seems, however, that we are finally winning the battle with this nasty virus! My poor Bekah had to compete at the UCA State a week ago with the flu... Flu B as a matter of fact. She wasn't about to let her girls down...she worked so hard to get her routine down to a "T" and she said "Like heck I'm gonna let this flu kick me when I'm down!"  They did really well, one of her stunts fell, but she said "Mom, I felt like ' Is she over me?  Oh..oh..she's coming down, damn' " I was a bit afraid for her, she had had some trouble breathing the day before...and her coughing...HORRIBLE! But she did it...I think her best friends being there, having gone with us, helped her out.  She didn't want to let her team down, but she also  wanted her best friends to see her in action at a competition. Most competitions happen outside of our hometown, so her friends who do not cheer, have no idea what a cheer competition is like.  Even though she was sick, she did amazing, all of the girls did.  And like any other mother, I am very happy when I see my kids absolutely happy... when she came up the stairs at the end of it all..her best friend was there waiting for her and he gave her the biggest hug I have ever seen anyone give her and I heard him tell her "Bekah you did awesome...I'm so proud of you!"  And that...just that right there made it ok for her...being sick, feeling like crap...dropping her stunt...I could tell that his words were words of comfort. 

So now, we are here, waiting for our coughing to subside...waiting for this, illness to just LEAVE!  Bekah, has to be better by the 9th of Feb. She leaves to Florida with her team to UCA Nationals. We wont be able to go...sadly.

Its been a long time since I've written a post...and well this is the reason why...we've been sick...I've been busy keeping my family feeling better.  Now that everyone is doing ok...Im left alone to try to feel better by myself. I guess thats ok. I dont have fights to referee. Hope you family and household has had a flu free holdiay!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

So here's the thing...

.... I had essentially lost my mojo.  I think the move was sort of a kick in the gut for me...or a punch in the face.  So I sank into a little funk.  I would have my moments of wanting to get back into the groove...but then it would just kinda fizzle out again.

I now feel that mojo wanting to come back again but how to keep it.  I love what I do dont get me wrong. I just wish I had everything out where I could see it.  So...I've actually be pretty busy these past few days.  I had 3 orders...a hair bow with bling..and 2 flip flops.  Im currently finishing up the last flip flop.  But these projects have really made me feel like Im my old self again. So...Im looking at getting some halloween and even ..yes...yes... HOLIDAY themed stuff out.

I have to get all my ideas out..and write them down cause my head is full of stuff that doesn't let me sleep at night.  My mind is like a never ending story board.  Hopefully I find my groove again, Im not going to worry about people telling me Im "copying them"  because Im sure I've been making it longer than they have...I've just been out of the scene.  So...I will post some new items in the next week or two..but for now I will leave you with one of the orders I had...a custom made UT of Austin Longhorn Spirit flip flops!!! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vacation...WHAT vacation?

Really?  We've been so busy this summer, the thought of it all gets me dizzy!  Its been over a month since my last post and let me tell ya whats been going on.  First, I realized that I desperately need a laptop...JUST for me.

We went to the GOP convention in Ft. Worth Texas.  That was about a week of "fun" .  It was, I cant say I didn't enjoy myself.  My husband was a delegate. Came back home...for a week...then left again..for another week, back to Dallas/Irving TX!  That wasn't so much fun.  Hubby was in training and the girls and I were stuck in a hotel.  We did some shopping, bought Bekah her quince dress.  For those who don't know what a quince is ... its a massive birthday bash, much like a sweet sixteen would be. Here she is in her dress...posing for her invitations:

My baby is growing up so fast!!!  In a month she will be 15!  Then we geared up for the yearly yard sale fundraiser for the cheerleaders.  Once that was over, we had to hustle and sell car wash tickets for another cheer leading fundraiser. During this time the girls have been going to a youth camp hosted by our church.  Bekah is an animator {counselor} but was only able to do it for 2 weeks...then she had to go to cheer practice in the mornings.

Right now Bekah is at UCA cheer camp with her cheer team.  I'm trying to get back on track with so many other things.  Did I mention...I ended up getting very sick.  And I'm still getting over it.  But oh well, time to get my big girl panties on and get a moving with business.   Only 5 weeks till school starts!  I still have to get the girls their uniforms...I really wish we didn't have a school system that required uniforms :o/ I cant stand that! Well, hope y'all are having as much fun as I hope soon we get to have a real vacation.  Our German "daughter" is coming to visit us for 11 days in 3 weeks.  So we are excited about that.  Well, have a great day!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Are you a.. MOM?

A Dance or Cheer mom that is?  Here in our part of Cheer/Dance world...its been a growing trend for a mom to order a custom pillow for their little dancer/cheerleader.  What is a custom pillow you ask?  Well, this pillow is basically a memory pillow and it serves as a buddy (for sleeping)  for all the out of town competitions the child will go to. For example...the cheerleaders in the middle and high school ages receive a custom pillow with their favorite things on one side of the pillow and on the other side is the year and the competitions they will be going to.  My oldest daughter is a high school cheerleader and will be going to the UCA National Competitions in Feb that are held in Florida.  So since she made the 2012-2013 cheer team, the year will be added, since she will be a sophomore, something to indicate her class will be added.  Because its in Florida at the Magic Kingdom...of course you will have something that will be very Disney on it as well. 

I just finished making a pillow case for a dancer who is in a private company dance group...not a school sponsored dance group and they will be going to the dance competition for "All-Star" dancers in Florida.

This is front side of the pillow 

Back side of the pillow

I have made some other ones, but since this is the first one of the new dance/cheer season, I wanted to show all of you that this is what is trending in the dance/cheer world.  If you are interested in making one for your Dancer / cheerleader, please contact me.  Base price is $40.00  include 3 colors (one color front, one color back, one color ruffle, ruffle color will also be used for the name of the child and one embroidered image)  The example above is has a price of $55.00  I have a portfolio to the right, with your mouse hover over the images...and you will see some pillows.  click on the pillows to view..  Free shipping on all orders over $50.00

Saturday, May 26, 2012

a little app called Instagram

You on there?  If you are, follow me!  you can find me by searching me remjsmom76  ... I post on my daily happenings, my kids, and just life in general. 

Friday, May 25, 2012


We will be making these cute and very fashionable bracelets.  They come in all kinds of colors and sizes...from small to large!  They can be worn with very casual clothing to very chic going out in the town clothing as well!  They are very versatile.  Show of your team spirit or your favorite colors.  We can also make them for your support of a cause.  They are $18.00 for 2  or $15.00 each.